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Discover the beautifying secrets of 9 healing traditions

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I have always been very passionate about natural skincare, seeing how amazingly it works

for the benefit of skin I always wondered why.


Looking into all the natural ingredients

that have been traditionally known to work miraculously for the benefit of the skin

I started doing research on them.


Some of the ingredients that I use in the serum have been regarded as holy,

since the ancient times and this tells that the people already then

knew about the healing properties.


It’s also very interesting to see that this ancient knowhow is nowadays backed up by science,

now we can get a glimpse why these oils are working in such novel ways.

I found out that to make the most effective skincare we must look into natural ingredients,

and further than just our own country.


I ended up picking the best ingredients from 9 different medicinal traditions

for their great benefits on the skin.

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Home: About


Essential oils

I choose to use essential oils in the skincare because they are the most potent and pure concentrated form of the beautiful ingredients that nature has to offer.

They are really potent even in low concentrations and are known to possess many great functions on the skin.



I choose to use cold pressed vegetable oils as carrier oils since they are produced in a way that doesn’t lessen the potency of these ingredients and the production doesn’t include the use of harmful ingredients.

It was also very important for me when choosing oils to have oils that include

Omegas 3,5,6,7,9 for different depths of absorption and nourishment for all the layers in the skin.

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